CLASH magazine interview

Born in Russia and now based in Britain – the label is widely advertised as ZDDZ London – the timing of VFiles’ pick co-insides, accidentally or otherwise, with an industry wide appreciation of Russian fashion: Gosha Rubchinskiy’s label made its debut on the international schedule in Paris earlier this year (last week he was in conversation with Marfa Journal’s Alexandra Gordienko at the ICA), while Aaron Tubb’s label Bazar 14 takes its cue from Russian iconography and propaganda; Avetisyan lives and works in Moscow, having graduated from CSM in 2012.

“It’s hard to define whether you or your work carry some ‘national characteristics’ (if there are such at all) yourself,” suggest Dasha, “I believe people from outside the label will be more qualified to judge. I am not particularly inspired by either Moscow or London. I mean, I could be doing it in New York or Baku and that would still be ZDDZ.”