FW17 Corp.


    In 2017, the whole world is a corporation. Our phones are computers sold to us by corporations, our morning coffee is served by corporations. Escape routes are cut off, and even our drugs, parties and pornography are corporate. We wear the corporation, we drink the corporation, we eat the corporation. We are the corporation. For Fall/Winter 2017 independent London-based ZDDZ offers a way out, an ultimate uniform for skilful infiltrators and freelance rebels.

    To explore and question corporate identity, ZDDZ designer Dasha Selyanova turned her own brand into a corporation, drawing inspiration from soulless brightly-lit office spaces and subtle elements of institutional graphic design. The garments in the collection are subverting the idea of office dress codes: suits, sexy secretary dress, track suits for team building outdoor games, stamps of approval, stiff collars and the faux leather of uncomfortable office sofas. Today, chasing the cult of success, often drives young people towards mental illness, and ZDDZ Corp. rejects the social pressure to keep up, achieve and dress to impress.


    In FW2017, ZDDZ remains faithful to its work with strong textures, boxy shapes and bold statements. Channeling the underdog spirit of the early era of punk, the collection features several garments printed with the word “Mediocrity”. Mediocrity is the biggest fear of the young generation, and is also the label millennials often get from the mainstream media.

    Long-sleeves proudly spelling “Selfunemployed” are the perfect uniform for the young creatives paving the way through the global crisis of capitalism. Stamps ‘Approved’ and ‘Rejected’ take on our constant reliance on the hard drug of external validation.

    Today, ask yourself, are you happy in your job? Are you certain that your goals are truly yours?


    «Politically, the collection takes on the austerity measures of the UK government, constant budget cuts and the overall economical crisis. I see a lot of my friends becoming self-employed, quitting their office jobs to get less money but more creative, free lives. It’s a statement against settling down, against someone else’s idea of structure, and pro-free spirit. And on a personal level, the collection is inspired by me doubting the whole career choice of being an independent designer. I realised that if you want to be yourself it often means you have to abandon others or be abandoned by them. Also it’s about coming in terms with it. An office as a metaphor for fear of being oneself, for the idea of fitting in, of sameness, uniform — belonging to a corporation versus belonging to yourself.»

    Dasha Selyanova, ZDDZ Designer

    Photographer: Simon for Vogue.com