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April 27, 2013

‘Marianne told me I was 2-dimensional’… Continuing my exciting collaboration with Slashstroke magazine, I was happy to be involved in the making of ISSUE 6, which was called ‘2D3D Issue’.

David Poole always has the most crazy and crafty and funny ideas, I admire his approach to work and always look forward to his next project.

This is a capture of my collage called RUSSIA D I submitted to the last issue of the magazine. My home country: surreal, acidy, religious and random as it is. Or as I see it at least x

You can see the full artwork here.

April 15, 2013

For Autumn/Winter 2013 prints I was looking at the idea of sport performances and how athletes train and cheat as well in order to win. Going to see London Olympic Games in summer 2012 was absolutely inspiring but then I couldn’t help but focus more on the ‘dirty side’ of the professional sports. I’d keep the newspapers from that summer that were reporting the results of the Games, I’d also read leaflets on doping and steroids, Lance Armstrong’s case was often on the news. It all informed the prints for the new collection.