March 10, 2013

Behind the prints

The prints all come from looking at the books and the newspaper articles about athletes. I started with looking at sport athletes in general, at their grace and flexibility and strength. But then I got obsessed with the idea of making your body a cult. ┬áThe Olympics was a great showcase for body cult so I had a great primary source for research, plus I have a girl – friend of mine who is obsessed with getting muscles.

The prints say things like ‘Under pressure’, ‘Body cult’ etc., all these are quotes from athlete performance and doping leaflets. Some of the garments (grey jersey dress) literally have images of a muscle bound male chest on them. I chose to print on mesh for this season because it emphasizes the fragility of the body and it looks a bit like what they use for paneling for the suits of gymnasts. It also works great against those heavy fabrications I worked with for Autumn/Winter 2013.