ZDDZ is a contemporary womenswear brand, that views fashion as media and proves that ready-to-wear can be a contemporary form of street art, raising social and political issues or reflecting aspects of big-city life.

ZDDZ offers a new view on urban routines; quotes from news headlines and advertising slogans are subtly mixed with striking graphic design, inspired by common city attributes like road markings, construction signs and logos. Shapes and details of every collection refer to work wear andmilitary uniform. ZDDZ creates pieces which are radical and noticeable, whilst at the same time, comfortable and functional.



 New: Everyday dress on #zddz #syntheticoverture #zddzshop
 ZDDZ Soundlover's coat is live on #zddz #syntheticoverture #zddzshop
 Online: ZDDZ Synthetic Overture orange puffer jacket #zddz #zddzshop #syntheticoverture
 Soon: ZDDZ Funeral Service shoot. @legtorn Photography: @erikpanov Art direction: @very_poor_quality Styling: @stacey_tash Beauty: @stolbovaekaterina Set design: @kovalishin_team Location: El Asador #zddz #zddzxlegtorn

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