Adult/Child Collection

The latest ZDDZ collection was inspired by inflatable life vests and the graphics in safety manuals. Airforce uniforms are adapted in key colours such as: orange, black, white and yellow throughout the collection. Silhouettes are re-imagined as ‘Life Vest’ bomber jackets, oversized chunky knits and ZDDZ logo tees. It also includes functional accessories such as waist bags inspired by harness vests.

Following the brand DNA, the AW18 collection explores psychological aspects of a younger generation, in particular, the theme of growing up and entering the adulthood. When does one become an adult entering the adulthood process or an event? Does the ability to pay bills or drink alcohol makes one an adult? Does becoming a mother make one a grown up woman?

‘I love exploring society through my colections, especially surrounding the youth culture. I asked the question what it means to be an adult because I feel like it has no definite answer and is so different from person to person even though socially we try to define the person as an adult when they pass the mark of 18 or 21 years old... Age is so irrelevant in a sense that as I see it experiences and environment make you mature, not necessarily the years that go by...’ - Dasha Selyanova



ZDDZ is a contemporary womenswear brand, that views fashion as media and proves that ready-to-wear can be a contemporary form of street art, raising social and political issues or reflecting aspects of big-city life.

ZDDZ offers a new view on urban routines; quotes from news headlines and advertising slogans are subtly mixed with striking graphic design, inspired by common city attributes like road markings, construction signs and logos. Shapes and details of every collection refer to work wear andmilitary uniform. ZDDZ creates pieces which are radical and noticeable, whilst at the same time, comfortable and functional.

ZDDZ and Nike Collaboration 2017