Mercedes Benz Russian Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2014

Key words for the season
Layers, heavy/light, rebel, typography, school, oversized.

Lines and shapes
Oversized and longline, elongated silohouettes and dropped waistlines. Slouchy bomber jackets and mulit layering,, assymetry versus button up and formal. Contrast and easy wear.

Metallic acetate, cotton, 100% British wool, denim, digitally printed cotton and polyester.

Modern take on high-school uniforms and rebel girls, prints inspired by urban slogans and typography . A layered up range of coordinates that mix and play against each other, dressing up to dress down, putting it all on, the energy of and vibe of doing things your own way.


Photography: Erik Panov
Stylist: Margarita Zubatova
Model: Alena Prokopova
Hair & make up: Ekaterina Stolbova